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Square Millimeters and Square Centimeters Converter

Spelling: American | British
Use this calculator to convert square millimeters (mm²) to square centimeters (cm²) and square centimeters to square millimeters. This converter is part of the full area converter tool.

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Square Centimeters to Square Millimeters Conversions

Square Centimeters Square Millimeters
1 square centimeter 100 square millimeters
2 square centimeters 200 square millimeters
3 square centimeters 300 square millimeters
4 square centimeters 400 square millimeters
5 square centimeters 500 square millimeters
6 square centimeters 600 square millimeters
7 square centimeters 700 square millimeters
8 square centimeters 800 square millimeters
9 square centimeters 900 square millimeters
10 square centimeters 1000 square millimeters
11 square centimeters 1100 square millimeters
12 square centimeters 1200 square millimeters
13 square centimeters 1300 square millimeters
14 square centimeters 1400 square millimeters
15 square centimeters 1500 square millimeters
16 square centimeters 1600 square millimeters
17 square centimeters 1700 square millimeters
18 square centimeters 1800 square millimeters
19 square centimeters 1900 square millimeters
20 square centimeters 2000 square millimeters
Figures rounded to a maximum of 5 decimal places (7 with smaller numbers).

How many square millimeters are there in 1 square centimeter?

There are 100 square millimeters in 1 square centimeter. To convert from square centimeters to square millimeters, multiply your figure by 100 (or divide by 0.01) .

Square Millimeters to Square Centimeters Conversions

Square Millimeters Square Centimeters
1 square millimeter 0.01 square centimeters
2 square millimeters 0.02 square centimeters
3 square millimeters 0.03 square centimeters
4 square millimeters 0.04 square centimeters
5 square millimeters 0.05 square centimeters
6 square millimeters 0.06 square centimeters
7 square millimeters 0.07 square centimeters
8 square millimeters 0.08 square centimeters
9 square millimeters 0.09 square centimeters
10 square millimeters 0.1 square centimeters
11 square millimeters 0.11 square centimeters
12 square millimeters 0.12 square centimeters
13 square millimeters 0.13 square centimeters
14 square millimeters 0.14 square centimeters
15 square millimeters 0.15 square centimeters
16 square millimeters 0.16 square centimeters
17 square millimeters 0.17 square centimeters
18 square millimeters 0.18 square centimeters
19 square millimeters 0.19 square centimeters
20 square millimeters 0.2 square centimeters
Figures rounded to a maximum of 5 decimal places (7 with smaller numbers).

How many square centimeters are there in 1 square millimeter?

There are 0.01 square centimeters in 1 square millimeter. To convert from square millimeters to square centimeters, multiply your figure by 0.01 (or divide by 100) .

What is a square centimeter?

Square centimeters (or 'square centimetres' with British spelling) are commonly used to measure areas in both the commercial and domestic environment. Some examples could be the size of a 12-inch computer screen (77.41 square centimetres) or the size of a microchip. One square centimeter can be translated as 0.15 inches. In mapping, square centimeters are often translated into acres or hectares. This has applications within the surveying industry.

What is a square millimeter?

The square millimeter (or 'millimetre' with British spelling) is a unit defined as a square with each side measuring one millimeter in length. This is abbreviated simply as mm2. This is quite a small area, for an average-sized playing card measures 5,600 square millimeters (56 square centimeters). Square millimeters can be used when designing smartphone screens or determining the total area occupied by an electrical component on a circuit board. Another application can be mapping the scalp before a hair transplantation process takes place.

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