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Convert From Liters To Tons

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Convert between liters and metric tons using this calculator tool. As explained in the article how to convert from volume to weight, the metric ton is a unit of weight and the liter is a unit of volume. To convert between the two, you need to know the density of the substance that you are trying to convert. A list of approximations is available.

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Substance Information

All of the 'Substance Density List' figures are from simetric.co.uk - copyright © Roger Walker.

Converter Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many metric tons are there in x liters?
  • How many liters are there in x metric tons?
  • How can I convert liters to tons?
  • How can I convert tons to liters?

To find out the answer to any of these questions, simply select the appropriate unit from each 'select' box above, enter your figure (x) into the 'value to convert' box and click the 'Convert!' button.

If you have any suggestions or queries with this liters to metric tons conversion tool, please contact me.