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Square Feet and Square Centimeters Converter

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Use this calculator to convert square feet (ft²) to square centimeters (cm²) and square centimeters to square feet. This converter is part of the full area converter tool.

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Square Centimeters to Square Feet Conversions

Square Centimeters Square Feet
1 square centimeter 0.00108 square feet
2 square centimeters 0.00215 square feet
3 square centimeters 0.00323 square feet
4 square centimeters 0.00431 square feet
5 square centimeters 0.00538 square feet
6 square centimeters 0.00646 square feet
7 square centimeters 0.00753 square feet
8 square centimeters 0.00861 square feet
9 square centimeters 0.00969 square feet
10 square centimeters 0.01076 square feet
11 square centimeters 0.01184 square feet
12 square centimeters 0.01292 square feet
13 square centimeters 0.01399 square feet
14 square centimeters 0.01507 square feet
15 square centimeters 0.01615 square feet
16 square centimeters 0.01722 square feet
17 square centimeters 0.0183 square feet
18 square centimeters 0.01938 square feet
19 square centimeters 0.02045 square feet
20 square centimeters 0.02153 square feet
Figures rounded to a maximum of 5 decimal places (7 with smaller numbers).

How many square feet are there in 1 square centimeter?

There are 0.001076391041671 square feet in 1 square centimeter. To convert from square centimeters to square feet, multiply your figure by 0.001076391041671 (or divide by 929.0304) .

Square Feet to Square Centimeters Conversions

Square Feet Square Centimeters
1 square foot 929.0304 square centimeters
2 square feet 1858.0608 square centimeters
3 square feet 2787.0912 square centimeters
4 square feet 3716.1216 square centimeters
5 square feet 4645.152 square centimeters
6 square feet 5574.1824 square centimeters
7 square feet 6503.2128 square centimeters
8 square feet 7432.2432 square centimeters
9 square feet 8361.2736 square centimeters
10 square feet 9290.304 square centimeters
11 square feet 10219.3344 square centimeters
12 square feet 11148.3648 square centimeters
13 square feet 12077.3952 square centimeters
14 square feet 13006.4256 square centimeters
15 square feet 13935.456 square centimeters
16 square feet 14864.4864 square centimeters
17 square feet 15793.5168 square centimeters
18 square feet 16722.5472 square centimeters
19 square feet 17651.5776 square centimeters
20 square feet 18580.608 square centimeters
Figures rounded to a maximum of 5 decimal places (7 with smaller numbers).

How many square centimeters are there in 1 square foot?

There are 929.0304 square centimeters in 1 square foot. To convert from square feet to square centimeters, multiply your figure by 929.0304 (or divide by 0.001076391041671) .

What is a square centimeter?

Square centimeters (or 'square centimetres' with British spelling) are commonly used to measure areas in both the commercial and domestic environment. Some examples could be the size of a 12-inch computer screen (77.41 square centimetres) or the size of a microchip. One square centimeter can be translated as 0.15 inches. In mapping, square centimeters are often translated into acres or hectares. This has applications within the surveying industry.

What is a square foot?

The square foot is used as a form of measurement within Canada and the United States. It can be adopted to describe the amount of floor space (for real estate) or the overall size of an exterior property. Architects will also refer to square feet when designing new buildings. One square foot is a bit smaller than an average-sized piece of A4 printer paper. One square foot can be translated to 0.092 square metres. Sometimes, the force of the modern hydraulic press is measured in pounds per square inch or square foot.

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