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Gallon containers in a street

US Gallons And Imperial Gallons - Why Are They Different?

We all possess points of cultural pride: the UK has castles, afternoon tea and the Jeremy Kyle Show; the USA has the Grand Canyon, the Empire State Building and milk-chugging. So while Brits struggle to keep their food down as they watch toothless families brawling over secret affairs and stolen mop...

Measuring tablespoons into a cup

How Many Tablespoons Are In a Cup?

Today we turn our attention to cooking measurements and, specifically, this question from Kelly: "I'm baking a cake using a recipe and would like to know how many tablespoons there are in a cup? Before we begin, it's worth noting that usage of the cup in modern recipes is mostly confined to the Unit...

Sugar on teaspoon

The Misrepresentation Of Teaspoons Of Sugar In The Media

In a previous article, we looked at how many grams of sugar there are in a teaspoon. I was recently contacted by food scientist Malcolm Reeves and we discussed how teaspoons of sugar are commonly misrepresented in the media.There has been an abundance of sugar infographics on health websites, e...

Man stacking coins demonstrating compounding

Compound interest formula - explained

An in-depth look at the compound interest formula as we break down how to calculate compound interest. The concept of compound interest is that interest is added back to the principal sum so that interest is earned on that added interest during the next compounding period.

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