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Steps to Miles Calculator

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Work out how many miles you've walked or run for a certain number of steps, using our calculator tool.

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made in building this calculator, we are not to be held liable for any damages or monetary losses arising out of or in connection with the use of it. This tool is here purely as a service to you, please use it at your own risk. Full disclaimer. Do not use calculations for anything where loss of life, money, property, etc could result from inaccurate calculations.

How many steps are in a mile?

Whether going on a gentle walk or an intense run, people monitoring their daily steps commonly want to understand how many steps they take to walk or run 1 mile. It is for that reason that the search term 'how many steps in a mile' commonly trends in the area of health and fitness. You can, of course, get a very generalised figure.

It's said that a person of average height and weight has a stride length of between 2.1 and 2.5 feet, meaning they take around 2000 steps to walk one mile.

If you're taller or shorter, your stride length will vary. And, of course, you also have to take into consideration the speed of your walk or run. The stride length of a 7ft tall runner will be greater than that of a 4 ft tall walker. To get an accurate conversion for steps and miles, we therefore need to take into account for a number of different variables - gender, height, weight and pace of walking/running.

For the most accurate of measurements, it's best to measure your own stride length and use that data. It's also worth noting that your age impacts your stride length over time. Research suggests your stride length shortens by 0.33% with each passing year.

Calculating steps to miles

This calculator and the charts below use data from a 2008 research study of one-mile step counts at walking and running speeds, published in ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal. In the study, the researchers set out to find out the number of steps individuals took at various speeds of walking and running. They then examined the differences for men and women and extrapolated the data out for individual heights. It's important to note that all people studied were regarded as being of 'normal weight'.

It is interesting that the authors noted the following during their study:

On average, individuals took more steps while running (jogging) a 12-minute mile than while walking a 15-minute mile (1,951 steps vs. 1,935 steps, respectively). This finding is most likely related to the smaller distance between steps that people tend to take while jogging at a slower speed (12-minute mile) compared with walking at a 15-minute-per-mile pace...

The number of steps that men and women took while running was significantly different at the faster speeds only, possibly because fewer women completed the faster 8- and 6-minute-per-mile runs. As a result, only one prediction equation was developed for running speeds to be used by both men and women.

Calculating calories burned

Our steps to miles calculator uses METS (metabolic equivalents) data from the Compendium of Physical Activities to calculate the number of calories burned during your walk or run. Your body is said to burn 3.5ml of oxygen per kilogram of bodyweight per minute when sitting still. Sitting still is given a MET value of 1. MET values then increase based upon the activity. Activity categories are available .

Formula for calories burned per minute

(MET × weight in kg × 3.5) ÷ 200

Steps per mile average (men and women combined)

The following figures combine the step counts for men and women and are use the ACSM's study results. Note that these are overall averages, across all height ranges. The calculator at the top of the page works out mile figures based upon height and gender, giving a more accurate guideline figure.

  • Walking 20 minutes per mile (3 mph): 2,252 steps per mile
  • Walking 15 minutes per mile (4 mph): 1,935 steps per mile
  • Running 12 minutes per mile (5 mph): 1,951 steps per mile
  • Running 10 minutes per mile (6 mph): 1,672 steps per mile
  • Running 8 minutes per mile (7.5 mph): 1,400 steps per mile
  • Running 6 minutes per mile (10 mph): 1,080 steps per mile

We can use this data to build a chart of mile conversions for different step accumulations, below.

Steps to miles for walking, running strides (men and women combined)
Steps Slow walk
Brisk walk
1,000 steps 0.4 miles 0.5 miles 0.6 miles
2,000 steps 0.9 miles 1 miles 1.2 miles
3,000 steps 1.3 miles 1.6 miles 1.8 miles
4,000 steps 1.8 miles 2.1 miles 2.4 miles
5,000 steps 2.2 miles 2.6 miles 3 miles
6,000 steps 2.7 miles 3.1 miles 3.6 miles
7,000 steps 3.1 miles 3.6 miles 4.2 miles
8,000 steps 3.6 miles 4.1 miles 4.8 miles
9,000 steps 4 miles 4.7 miles 5.4 miles
10,000 steps 4.4 miles 5.2 miles 6 miles

You can find charts of individual step/mile measurement research findings for men and women (referencing different heights) in our article How many steps are in a mile?.

10,000 steps to miles

Using the data from our calculator, we can work out how many miles there are in 10,000 walking steps for both men and women across a range of heights.

Miles for 10,000 walking steps (women)
Height Slow walk
(3 mph)
Medium walk
(3.5 mph)
Brisk walk
(4 mph)
5 feet 0 in 4.22 miles 4.59 miles 4.87 miles
5 feet 1 in 4.24 miles 4.62 miles 4.90 miles
5 feet 2 in 4.27 miles 4.65 miles 4.94 miles
5 feet 3 in 4.29 miles 4.68 miles 4.97 miles
5 feet 4 in 4.32 miles 4.71 miles 5.01 miles
5 feet 5 in 4.35 miles 4.74 miles 5.04 miles
5 feet 6 in 4.37 miles 4.77 miles 5.08 miles
5 feet 7 in 4.40 miles 4.80 miles 5.11 miles
5 feet 8 in 4.43 miles 4.84 miles 5.15 miles
5 feet 9 in 4.46 miles 4.87 miles 5.19 miles
5 feet 10 in 4.48 miles 4.90 miles 5.23 miles
5 feet 11 in 4.51 miles 4.94 miles 5.27 miles
6 feet 0 in 4.54 miles 4.97 miles 5.31 miles
6 feet 1 in 4.57 miles 5.01 miles 5.35 miles
6 feet 2 in 4.60 miles 5.04 miles 5.39 miles
Miles for 10,000 walking steps (men)
Height Slow walk
(3 mph)
Medium walk
(3.5 mph)
Brisk walk
(4 mph)
5 feet 4 in 4.38 miles 4.78 miles 5.09 miles
5 feet 5 in 4.41 miles 4.81 miles 5.13 miles
5 feet 6 in 4.44 miles 4.85 miles 5.16 miles
5 feet 7 in 4.47 miles 4.88 miles 5.20 miles
5 feet 8 in 4.49 miles 4.91 miles 5.24 miles
5 feet 9 in 4.52 miles 4.95 miles 5.28 miles
5 feet 10 in 4.55 miles 4.98 miles 5.32 miles
5 feet 11 in 4.58 miles 5.02 miles 5.36 miles
6 feet 0 in 4.61 miles 5.05 miles 5.40 miles
6 feet 1 in 4.64 miles 5.09 miles 5.44 miles
6 feet 2 in 4.67 miles 5.13 miles 5.48 miles
6 feet 3 in 4.70 miles 5.16 miles 5.53 miles
6 feet 4 in 4.73 miles 5.20 miles 5.57 miles

It's important to note that people who exercise at higher intensities will take far fewer steps and will cover a distance in less time. They are also likely to achieve greater health benefits than those who exercise at lower intensities. You should always seek advice from qualified health professionals before making any major changes to your lifestyle or fitness regime,

Check out our health section for more health calculators, including the sobriety calculator.

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