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Age Difference Calculator

Discover the age gap between two individuals with our calculator. Quickly find out the number of years, months, and days separating them.

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made in building our calculator tools, we are not to be held liable for any damages or monetary losses arising out of or in connection with their use. Full disclaimer.

By using our age difference calculator, you can find out the age gap between two people. Whether you're curious about relationships, friendships, or family connections, the calculator provides you with a quick and convenient way to understand the age difference in years, months and days. Continue scrolling for discussion on average age gaps, whether age gaps in relationships matter, and notes on data privacy.

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Why use an age difference calculator?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to calculate the size of an age gap. Let's look at some of the common ones:

Relationship Insights

If you're involved in a romantic relationship, working out the age difference between you and your partner can help you think about the possible challenges you might encounter relating to life stages and outlook, communication styles and cultural backgrounds.

You may wonder if there's such a thing as the perfect age gap and what research reveals about it. A study in the Journal of Population Economics found that couples with smaller age gaps generally experience higher levels of satisfaction in their relationships. Those with an age difference of up to three years reported greater satisfaction than couples with four- to six-year gaps. Similarly, couples with four- to six-year age disparities expressed more satisfaction than those with gaps of seven years or more. 1

We can look at this data and perhaps speculate on the reasons behind the difference in satisfaction levels between smaller and larger age gaps. They may well correspond with significant disparities in interests, lifestyle, and long-term aspirations that tend to exist between partners with a larger age gap. 2 We'll delve into this more a little later.

Friendship Dynamics

Friendships can span across generations, and knowing the age difference between you and your friends can enrich your appreciation for diverse perspectives and life stages.

Family Connections

From siblings to cousins and extended family members, age differences influence family dynamics. You can therefore use our calculator to gain a clearer picture of the generational gaps within your family tree.

Average age gaps in relationships

The average age difference between individuals in heterosexual partnerships in the US is around 2.3 years, according to the most recent 2014 Current Population Survey (CPS). However, more considerable age gaps are not uncommon. In Western nations, approximately 8% of male-female couples have an age difference of 10 years or more. This percentage increases to 25% among male-male partnerships and 15% for female-female relationships. Interestingly, for a smaller number of couples, the gap is even more substantial, with data indicating that roughly 1% of US heterosexual couples have an age difference of 28 years or greater. 3

In an article from Facebook Data Science, Mike Develin set out to examine age differences within relationships using anonymized and aggregated Facebook data. He found that the international average age difference between male and female partners is approximately 2.4 years. Notably, 67% of relationships feature an older male partner, 20% contain an older female partner, and 13% share the same age. And, interestingly, his research shows that same-sex couples tend to have a larger average absolute age difference, a trend supported by data from the US Census Bureau.

Here's how the data looks for the US...

Mean absolute age gap by gender pairing (US) - Facebook Data Science Image credit: Facebook Data Science

Do age gaps in relationships matter?

The consensus among relationship experts is that age gaps in relationships can hold significance, but their impact varies widely depending on the individuals involved and the context of the relationship. Everyone's relationship experience will be different. In general, factors such as shared values, communication, shared goals, and emotional connection tend to play a more important role than age alone.

So, while a significant age difference might raise societal eyebrows, it doesn't necessarily determine the success or compatibility of a relationship. Open communication about expectations, life stages, and long-term plans can help partners navigate potential challenges that could arise from differing ages.

Ultimately, how well your relationship turns out will rest on the understanding, honesty, respect, and empathy shared between you and your partner, rather than the numerical age gap between you.

For further reading on this subject, I recommend these articles:

How to use our calculator

Using our age calculator is straightforward, with three different calculations available:

  1. Input birthdates: Enter the birthdates of the two individuals whose age difference you want to calculate.
  2. Select years: Select the birth year of each person.
  3. Input ages: If you only know the overall ages of each person, you can input these instead.

After clicking the 'calculate' button, the calculator will provide you with the age difference in years, months, and days. For birthdates, the calculator will also return the chronological age of each individual.

Considerations when using our calculator

  • Precision: Our calculator provides an approximate age difference based on the birthdates you input. Keep in mind that the actual age difference may vary slightly depending on the specific time of day each individual was born.
  • Cultural and social context: While age is an important factor, remember that relationships, friendships, and family dynamics are influenced by various factors beyond age alone. Respect and understanding are key to fostering healthy connections.
  • Celebrating diversity: When assessing a relationship, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the best age gap. Age differences enrich our lives by exposing us to different viewpoints and experiences. So, embrace the diversity that age variations bring to your relationships.

Privacy and data security

We take your privacy seriously. Our age difference calculator does not store or share any personal data. Your inputted birthdates are used solely for the purpose of generating the results.

Final thoughts

You may have navigated to this page to explore the dynamics of a romantic relationship or to better understand a friendship. As our discussion has shown, we can often overthink age differences. Age is after all just a number, and the connections we build and experiences we share are what truly matters when it comes to human relationships.


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