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Kilojoules to Calories Converter

Convert kilojoules to calories or calories to kilojoules using this calculator tool and chart.

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How to convert kilojoules to calories

There are 4.184kJ in 1 food calorie (kcal). To roughly convert kilojoules to calories, divide your kJ figure by 4.2 or multiply it by 0.24. Note that when we talk about calories, we are actually describing food calories (kilocalories).

Calories (kcal) = kJ ÷ 4.184

As an example, let's say you're pouring yourself a glass of orange juice which supplies 400kJ of energy, and you want to convert it into calories. To do so, you divide it by 4.184, which gives you a figure of around 96 calories.

How to convert calories to kilojoules

As there are 4.184kJ in 1 food calorie (kcal), you can roughly convert calories to kilojoules by multiplying your calorie figure by 4.2.

kJ = calories (kcal) × 4.184

What are kilojoules?

With the introduction of the metric system in many countries, the kilojoule (kJ) replaced the food calorie (kcal) in measurements of food energy. This has created a need for converting between kilojoules and calories.

Kilojoules to calories chart

kJ to calories kJ to calories
1 kJ = 0.239 calorie 10 kJ = 2.39 calories
2 kJ = 0.478 calorie 20 kJ = 4.78 calories
3 kJ = 0.717 calorie 30 kJ = 7.17 calories
4 kJ = 0.956 calorie 40 kJ = 9.56 calories
5 kJ = 1.195 calories 50 kJ = 11.95 calories
6 kJ = 1.434 calories 60 kJ = 14.34 calories
7 kJ = 1.673 calories 70 kJ = 16.73 calories
8 kJ = 1.912 calories 80 kJ = 19.12 calories
9 kJ = 2.151 calories 90 kJ = 21.511 calories
10 kJ = 2.39 calories 100 kJ = 23.901 calories

Note that conversions in the above chart are rounded to a maximum of 3 decimal places.

How many calories are in 500kJ?

500kJ is equal to 119.5 calories. You can calculate this by dividing 500 by 4.184, as there are 4.184kJ in 1 food calorie.

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