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Newton-Meters to Foot-Pounds

Use this conversion tool to convert between newton-meters (Nm) and foot-pounds (ft-lb), both of which are units of work, energy or torque (pound-foot).

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Table of contents:

How to convert newton-meters (Nm) to foot-pounds (ft/lb)

One foot-pound is equal to 1.356 newton-meters. To convert your Nm figure to ft/lb, simply divide it by 1.356.

Newton-meters and foot-pounds are both units of torque in the International System of Units. Torque is a measure of the rotational force that causes an object to turn about an axis. 1

If your calculation involves inch-pounds, you can convert between inch-pounds and foot-pounds here.

The chart below features some of the most common torque conversions for newton-meters (Nm) and foot-pounds (ft-lb).

Newton-meters to foot-pounds chart

Newton-meters Foot-pounds
1 Nm0.738 ft-lb
2 Nm1.475 ft-lb
3 Nm2.213 ft-lb
4 Nm2.950 ft-lb
5 Nm3.688 ft-lb
6 Nm4.425 ft-lb
7 Nm5.163 ft-lb
8 Nm5.900 ft-lb
9 Nm6.638 ft-lb
10 Nm7.376 ft-lb
Newton-meters Foot-pounds
10 Nm7.376 ft-lb
20 Nm14.751 ft-lb
30 Nm22.127 ft-lb
40 Nm29.502 ft-lb
50 Nm36.878 ft-lb
60 Nm44.254 ft-lb
70 Nm51.629 ft-lb
80 Nm59.005 ft-lb
90 Nm66.381 ft-lb
100 Nm73.756 ft-lb
200 Nm147.512 ft-lb
300 Nm221.269 ft-lb
400 Nm295.025 ft-lb
500 Nm368.781 ft-lb
600 Nm442.537 ft-lb
700 Nm516.294 ft-lb
800 Nm590.050 ft-lb
900 Nm663.806 ft-lb
1000 Nm737.562 ft-lb
Note: conversions are rounded to max 3 decimal places.

How to convert foot-pounds (ft/lb) to newton-meters (Nm)

One foot-pound (ft/lb) is equal to 1.356 newton-meters (Nm). To convert foot-pounds to newton-meters, multiply your figure by 1.356.

Foot-pounds to newton-meters chart

Foot-pounds Newton-meters
1 ft-lb1.356 Nm
2 ft-lb2.712 Nm
3 ft-lb4.067 Nm
4 ft-lb5.423 Nm
5 ft-lb6.779 Nm
6 ft-lb8.135 Nm
7 ft-lb9.491 Nm
8 ft-lb10.847 Nm
9 ft-lb12.202 Nm
10 ft-lb13.558 Nm
20 ft-lb27.116 Nm
30 ft-lb40.675 Nm
40 ft-lb54.233 Nm
50 ft-lb67.791 Nm
60 ft-lb81.349 Nm
70 ft-lb94.907 Nm
80 ft-lb108.465 Nm
90 ft-lb122.024 Nm
100 ft-lb135.582 Nm
150 ft-lb203.373 Nm
200 ft-lb271.164 Nm
250 ft-lb338.954 Nm
300 ft-lb406.745 Nm
Note: conversions are rounded to max 3 decimal places.

For any figures not represented in our Nm and ft-lb chart, please use the converter at the top of the page.

Calculator by Alastair Hazell.


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