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Steps to Km Calculator

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Use our calculator to work out how many kilometres you've travelled for any number of steps.

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How many steps are in a kilometre?

According to a study published in the ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal, someone of average height and weight will take around 1,400 steps to walk one kilometre at a regular pace. This figure changes to between 900 and 1,100 steps for a kilometre when running, due to the increase in stride length. [1]

Steps to km average (men and women combined)

The following figures combine the step counts for men and women and use the ACSM's study results. Note that these are overall averages, across all height ranges. The calculator at the top of the page works out km figures based upon height and gender, giving a more accurate result.

  • Average walk: 1 km = 1,408 steps
  • Brisk walk: 1 km = 1,209 steps
  • Jog: 1 km = 1,219 steps
  • Run: 1 km = 1,045 steps
  • Fast run: 1 km = 875 steps
  • Very fast run: 1 km = 675 steps

It should be noted that your stride length will vary depending on your height and weight and the pace of your walk or run. To give a crude example, the stride length of a 6ft 5 runner will be greater than someone of 5ft engaging in a gentle walk. It is for that reason that we take into account your height, weight and pace in our calculator algorithm.

Calculating calories burned

Our steps to kilometres calculator uses METS (metabolic equivalents) data from the Compendium of Physical Activities to calculate the number of calories burned during your walk or run.

Steps to km for different stride lengths

This table combines data for both men and women.

Steps Average walk
Brisk walk
1,000 steps 0.7 km 0.8 km 1 km
2,000 steps 1.4 km 1.7 km 1.9 km
3,000 steps 2.1 km 2.5 km 2.9 km
4,000 steps 2.8 km 3.3 km 3.8 km
5,000 steps 3.6 km 4.1 km 4.8 km
6,000 steps 4.3 km 5 km 5.7 km
7,000 steps 5 km 5.8 km 6.7 km
8,000 steps 5.7 km 6.6 km 7.7 km
9,000 steps 6.4 km 7.4 km 8.6 km
10,000 steps 7.1 km 8.3 km 9.6 km

Walking 10,000 steps

Using the data from our calculator, we can work out that 10,000 steps equates to around 6 to 8 km of walking.

It's important to note that people who exercise at higher intensities will take far fewer steps and will cover a distance in less time. They are also likely to achieve greater health benefits than those who exercise at lower intensities. You should always seek advice from qualified health professionals before making any major changes to your lifestyle or fitness regime,


  1. One-mile step count at walking and running speeds (ACSM)

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