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Hertz to Seconds Converter

Calculate seconds and cycles per second from any frequency in hertz using this calculator tool.

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How to convert hertz to seconds

To calculate the time interval (seconds) of a frequency in hertz, divide 1 by the frequency. E.g. for a frequency of 10 Hz your time interval would be 1/10 = 0.1 seconds.

Frequency is measured in hertz with 1 hertz (Hz) being equivalent to 1 cycle per second. The formula to calculate frequency (hertz) from a number of seconds is:

Frequency (Hz) = cycles / seconds

To calculate the time duration of one complete cycle, divide one second by the frequency in hertz:

Seconds = 1 / frequency (Hz)

How many seconds are in a hertz?

One hertz equals one cycle per second: 1 hz = 1 cycle/sec.

The following are conversions from hertz to seconds for a duration of one cycle.

Hertz to seconds conversions (1 cycle)
Hertz Seconds Cycles Per Second
1 hz1 second1 cycle/sec
2 hz0.5 seconds2 cycles/sec
3 hz0.3333 seconds3 cycles/sec
4 hz0.25 seconds4 cycles/sec
5 hz0.2 seconds5 cycles/sec
6 hz0.1667 seconds6 cycles/sec
7 hz0.1429 seconds7 cycles/sec
8 hz0.125 seconds8 cycles/sec
9 hz0.1111 seconds9 cycles/sec
10 hz0.1 seconds10 cycles/sec
20 hz0.05 seconds20 cycles/sec
30 hz0.0333 seconds30 cycles/sec
40 hz0.025 seconds40 cycles/sec
50 hz0.02 seconds50 cycles/sec
60 hz0.0167 seconds60 cycles/sec
70 hz0.0143 seconds70 cycles/sec
80 hz0.0125 seconds80 cycles/sec
90 hz0.0111 seconds90 cycles/sec
100 hz0.01 seconds100 cycles/sec
500 hz 0.002 seconds 500 cycles/sec
1000 hz 0.001 seconds 1000 cycles/sec
Seconds rounded to max 4 decimals.

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