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Pints to Cups: How Many Cups in a Pint?

Use this calculator tool to convert between pints and cups for US, UK or metric pint and cup measurements.

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How many cups are in a pint

When using cup and pint measurements from the same country, one pint equals 2 cups.

  • 1 US pint = 2 US cups (customary)
  • 1 UK pint = 2 UK cups (imperial)

Pints to cups conversion table

Use the reference chart of pints to cups conversions below. This chart assumes you're using either the US pint and cup or the UK pint and imperial cup.

Pints to Cups Pints to Cups
1 pint = 2 cups 10 pints = 20 cups
1.5 pints = 3 cups 11 pints = 22 cups
2 pints = 4 cups 12 pints = 24 cups
3 pints = 6 cups 13 pints = 26 cups
4 pints = 8 cups 14 pints = 28 cups
5 pints = 10 cups 15 pints = 30 cups
6 pints = 12 cups 16 pints = 32 cups
7 pints = 14 cups 17 pints = 34 cups
8 pints = 16 cups 18 pints = 36 cups
9 pints = 18 cups 19 pints = 38 cups
10 pints = 20 cups 20 pints = 40 cups

Pint and cup measurements

There are two different measurements of the pint: the US pint and the UK imperial pint. The US pint measures 473.18mL and the UK pint measures 568.26mL. So, the UK pint is 20% larger than its US counterpart. There are multiple different sizes for cups, too. The US cup measures 236.59mL, the UK imperial cup measures 284.131 mL and the metric cup, which is used in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the rest of the Commonwealth, measures 250mL.

Cooking unit conversions

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