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Financial Calculators

The finance section of The Calculator Site featuring useful financial calculator tools for compound interest, savings and investments, pay and wages, loans, car/auto loans, mortgages and more.


Savings & investments

Compound Interest Calculator

Use this calculator to work out the compound interest on your savings or investments. It includes the option for regular monthly deposits or withdrawals and uses the compound interest formula.

Daily compounding calculator

Calculate the daily compound interest/earnings you might receive on your investment. Useful for those doing day trading or cryptocurrency trading.

APY Calculator

Work out how much interest you might earn on your savings or investment over time and the APY you might be receiving.

CAGR Calculator

Use this compound annual growth rate (CAGR) calculator to work out the annual growth rate of an investment.

Forex Compounding

Use this forex compounding calculator to see a projection of what you might earn on your forex currency trading.

How Long Will it Take to Save?

If you're saving for a big purchase such as a house deposit, car or holiday, you can use this calculator to work out how long it might take to hit your goal.

How Long Will My Money Last?

If you're retired or saving for retirement, work out how long your retirement fund might last with different rates of withdrawal.

Interest Rate Calculator

Calculate the rate of return you're receiving on your investment or savings.

IRR Calculator

Calculate the internal rate of return (IRR) on an investment and measure its profitability with this IRR calculator tool.

Retirement Planning Calculator

Calculate how much you might need to save per year in order to meet your retirement goals using this retirement planner.

Savings Calculators

Two savings calculators to help you to work out the interest paid on your savings amount.

Savings Goal Calculators

If you want to find out how much to save each month or how long to commit to saving to achieve a financial goal, give these calculators a try.

Simple Interest Calculator

Use this simple interest calculator to calculate the interest on your savings or loan without compounding.

SIP Calculator

Work out what returns you might receive on fund investments made through your Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).

Pay/salary calculators

Hourly to Salary Calculator

Convert your hourly wage to an equivalent weekly wage, monthly wage and annual salary.

Overtime Calculator

Calculate the amount of overtime pay you're due for the additional overtime hours you have worked.

Pay Raise Calculator

Calculate the pay increase for an hourly, weekly, monthly or annual salary and see how your earnings increase.

Salary to Hourly Calculator

Convert your annual wage to an hourly pay figure and see how much you're earning per hour.

Time and a Half Calculator

Calculate your time and a half pay for your overtime or holiday work.

Hourly Pay to Yearly Salary

Find out how much your yearly salary is if you're paid 15 dollars per hour, 17 dollars per hour, 20 dollars per hour or 25 dollars per hour.

Loans and mortgages

Amortization Calculator

Use the amortization calculator to work out your schedule of monthly repayments and the split of principal and interest on your loan or mortgage.

Boat Loan Calculator

Calculate the monthly repayments and interest on your boat loan, and see how much quicker you might pay off your loan with additional repayments.

Car Loan Calculator

Use this calculator to work out monthly repayment figures for a car loan. The calculator results include a monthly breakdown schedule of interest and capital repayment amounts.

Credit Card Payment Calculators

Use these credit card repayment calculators to work out effective strategies for paying off your credit card debt.

Interest Rate Calculator

Work out what interest rate you're currently paying on your loan or mortgage.

Loan Calculator With Extra Payments

Calculate your monthly repayment figures for a secured or unsecured personal loan using this finance calculator tool. You can even incorporate additional payments into your calculation.

Loan Payoff Calculator

Use our loan payoff calculator to see how long it might take to pay off your loan and what interest you will pay

Mortgage Refinance Calculator

If you are looking at the option of refinancing your existing mortgage, whether it be to lower your monthly payments or overall costs, use our mortgage refinance calculator.

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

If you are considering taking out a mortgage loan, or are looking for mortgage refinancing, this finance calculator should prove useful.

Other finance calcs

Currency Converter

A handy universal currency converter that allows you to quickly convert between more than 250 different world currencies.

Margin Calculator

Use these margin calculators to work out the gross margin percentage, net profit margin or operating profit margin, as a measure of the profitability of your product or business.

Million to Billion Converter

Use this calculator to convert millions to billions and billions to millions for multiple popular currencies.

Money Counter

Count and total a collection of bills/notes and coins for Dollars, Pounds, Euros and Rupees using this calculator tool.

Percentage Calculator

Calculate the percentage increase, decrease or percentage difference between two numbers.

Price Per Square Foot Calculator

Use this calculator to calculate the cost price per square foot for purchases, leases, and property rentals.

Note: The finance calculators featured in this section are provided for guide purposes only. We recommend speaking to an independent financial advisor for professional guidance.