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Density Calculator

Use this calculator to convert between density, mass and volume. Density is the mass per volume of a substance. Multiple units are available for each calculation option.

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Calculating density

The density of a material is scientifically defined as its mass per volume. It can also be thought of as how compacted or compressed a substance is. When calculating a density from a mass and volume figure, it's important to remember that density can be affected by pressure and temperature, particularly where gases are concerned.

The density calculator uses the density formula: Density = Mass ÷ Volume. To calculate density, you divide the mass by the volume. If you enter your two figures for mass and volume into the calculator, it will return the density.

Calculating mass from density and volume

To calculate mass, simply rearrange the structure of the overall density formula. Multiply your density figure by your volume figure: m = ρ x V

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Calculating volume from mass and density

To calculate volume, rearrange the structure of the density formula in order to divide your mass figure by your density figure : V = m / ρ

The density formula - click for full article about density

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