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University Grade Calculator

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Use our uni grade calculator to calculate the average of all your assignments, modules or courses in order to get an average weighted grade.

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Calculate your uni grade

Our university grade calculator takes a percentage mark for each of your university courses (assignments or modules) or academic years, together with the percentage or credit weighting, and returns a weighted average for the parts you have completed so far.

How do I calculate my weighted university grade?

In order to work out your weighted average grade for your university year, module, or assignment, we take the marks (or grades) multiplied by their respective weights, sum them together, and then divide the total by the sum of the weights. An example is shown below, and the calculation is shown at the bottom of the results.

Weighted Average = (Mark1 × Weight1 + Mark2 × Weight2) / (Weight1 + Weight2)

Example calculation

Student A is studying a degree in Computer Science and has undertaken three modules so far. They want to calculate their average weighted grade for the three modules.

Mark Weight Module
66% 20 credits Data Analysis
55% 10 credits Databases
71% 10 credits Experimental Design
Average = (66 × 20 + 55 × 10 + 71 × 10) / (20 + 10 + 10)

Student A's average mark is therefore calculated at 64.5%.

Unweighted calculations

If you wish to carry out an unweighted calculation, simply leave all the weight boxes blank, or make them equal. If you want to work out the mark you require on your final exam, you can use our final grade calculator tool.

What mark do I need from the rest of my course?

Our calculator can help you work out the average mark you need from the remainder of your course, in order to achieve a target percentage, so that you can see whether you're on track to achieve the grade you want.

If you have any problems using our university grade calculator, please contact us.