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Cubic Feet and Cubic Meters Converter

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Use this calculator to convert cubic feet (ft³) to cubic meters (m³) and cubic meters to cubic feet. This converter is part of the full liquid volume converter tool.

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made in building our calculator tools, we are not to be held liable for any damages or monetary losses arising out of or in connection with their use. Full disclaimer.

Cubic Meters to Cubic Feet Conversions

Cubic Meters Cubic Feet
1 cubic meter 35.31467 cubic feet
2 cubic meters 70.62933 cubic feet
3 cubic meters 105.944 cubic feet
4 cubic meters 141.25867 cubic feet
5 cubic meters 176.57333 cubic feet
6 cubic meters 211.888 cubic feet
7 cubic meters 247.20267 cubic feet
8 cubic meters 282.51733 cubic feet
9 cubic meters 317.832 cubic feet
10 cubic meters 353.14667 cubic feet
11 cubic meters 388.46133 cubic feet
12 cubic meters 423.776 cubic feet
13 cubic meters 459.09067 cubic feet
14 cubic meters 494.40533 cubic feet
15 cubic meters 529.72 cubic feet
16 cubic meters 565.03467 cubic feet
17 cubic meters 600.34933 cubic feet
18 cubic meters 635.664 cubic feet
19 cubic meters 670.97867 cubic feet
20 cubic meters 706.29333 cubic feet
Figures rounded to a maximum of 5 decimal places (7 with smaller numbers).

How many cubic feet are there in 1 cubic meter?

There are 35.314666721489 cubic feet in 1 cubic meter. To convert from cubic meters to cubic feet, multiply your figure by 35.314666721489 (or divide by 0.028316846592) .

Cubic Feet to Cubic Meters Conversions

Cubic Feet Cubic Meters
1 cubic foot 0.02832 cubic meters
2 cubic feet 0.05663 cubic meters
3 cubic feet 0.08495 cubic meters
4 cubic feet 0.11327 cubic meters
5 cubic feet 0.14158 cubic meters
6 cubic feet 0.1699 cubic meters
7 cubic feet 0.19822 cubic meters
8 cubic feet 0.22653 cubic meters
9 cubic feet 0.25485 cubic meters
10 cubic feet 0.28317 cubic meters
11 cubic feet 0.31149 cubic meters
12 cubic feet 0.3398 cubic meters
13 cubic feet 0.36812 cubic meters
14 cubic feet 0.39644 cubic meters
15 cubic feet 0.42475 cubic meters
16 cubic feet 0.45307 cubic meters
17 cubic feet 0.48139 cubic meters
18 cubic feet 0.5097 cubic meters
19 cubic feet 0.53802 cubic meters
20 cubic feet 0.56634 cubic meters
Figures rounded to a maximum of 5 decimal places (7 with smaller numbers).

How many cubic meters are there in 1 cubic foot?

There are 0.028316846592 cubic meters in 1 cubic foot. To convert from cubic feet to cubic meters, multiply your figure by 0.028316846592 (or divide by 35.314666721489) .

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