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How Many Ounces In a Pound?

Question asked by Jenny:

I'm trying to convert between pounds and ounces, but I'm finding conflicting information on the subject. Can you please tell me how many ounces there are in a pound?

Follow-up responses...

Converting From Pounds To Ounces

posted by Alastair:

Hi Jenny. Sure thing. The answer to your question of how many ounces (oz) there are in a pound (lb) actually depends on which ounce and pound you are referencing (hence why you might have read conflicting information). There exists the Troy ounce and pound, and the Avoirdupois ounce and pound. Thankfully, it's quite straight forward to determine which units to use.

  1. The Avoirdupois Ounce and Pound are commonly used as a unit of mass and weight in the United States and around the world.
  2. The Troy Ounce and Pound are no longer in general use. They are sometimes referenced for measurements of precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, and gems such as opals.

On July 1, 1959, an international agreement was formed that the Avoirdupois pound and ounce would become standardised as a unit of mass in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK and the US, with one pound weighing 16 ounces (0.45359237 kg). So, unless you're measuring precious metals, you'll likely be referencing this Avoirdupois Ounce and Pound. Here are the conversions to help you:

  • 1 Pound (Avoirdupois) = 16 Ounces
  • 1 Pound (Troy) = 12 Ounces

To assist you further, I've included a conversion table of pounds (avoirdupois) to ounces.

Pounds to ounces conversion table

For converting a specific number of pounds to ounces, use our ounces and pounds converter.

Pounds Ounces
1 16
2 32
3 48
4 64
5 80
6 96
7 112
8 128
9 144
10 160
Pounds Ounces
20 320
30 480
40 640
50 800
60 960
70 1120
80 1280
90 1440
100 1600
500 8000

If you would like some more help with converting units of weight, give our weight converter a try.

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