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Alastair Hazell



Alastair Hazell is the Founder and Creative Director of The Calculator Site. He has over 20 years experience in the internet industry, with a background in entrepreneurship, business strategy and problem solving.


In 2001, at the age of 22, Alastair left full-time employment to start an internet business in the health information industry. He founded Medical News Today, building a company that became a market leader for medical news on the internet, with a small team of dedicated writers producing high quality health information for a monthly audience of millions of health professionals and patients. Alastair sold Medical News Today to Healthline in 2016.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Alastair's first full time job involved providing technical support for Intuit's range of Quicken and Quickbooks financial software. Further contracts for software and hardware technical support followed, before Alastair followed his new passion for building websites. He began working for a leading UK internet service provider in the era of free dialup internet access, going on to become Web Manager.

The Calculator Site

Alastair initially created The Calculator Site in 2004 as a fun hobby. After selling Medical News Today, he began to devote more time to building calculators for the site, including the popular calculator for compound interest. The website has since grown in popularity and is now used by over 3 million people every month.

Away from work

When he's not developing calculators, Alastair enjoys writing about elements of entrepreneurship and stories of inspiration. He also actively engages in philanthropy, and is currently working on strategic projects with Eastbourne Foodbank, as well as supporting initiatives to look after our planet.

Alastair lives in rural East Sussex, where he can be found flying flags and adopting hedgehogs. You can find his personal website at argh.com.