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Ounces and Troy Ounces Converter

Convert between ounces (oz) and troy ounces using this simple tool. This may be useful for those looking to value their gold, silver and gemstones.

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How many troy ounces are there in an ounce?

One ounce (oz) is approximately 0.911458 troy ounces. To work out your answer, multiply your ounce value by 0.911458 or use the calculator.

How many ounces are there in a troy ounce?

One troy ounce is approximately 1.097143 avoirdupois ounces. To calculate a figure for ounces, multiply your troy ounce value by 1.097143.

Ounces to troy ounces conversion table
Ounces Troy ounces Ounces Troy ounces
1 oz 0.9115 10 oz 9.1146
2 oz 1.8229 20 oz 18.2292
3 oz 2.7344 30 oz 27.3437
4 oz 3.6458 40 oz 36.4583
5 oz 4.5573 50 oz 45.5729
6 oz 5.4687 60 oz 54.6875
7 oz 6.3802 70 oz 63.8021
8 oz 7.2917 80 oz 72.9166
9 oz 8.2031 90 oz 82.0312
10 oz 9.1146 100 oz 91.1458
Note: conversions are rounded to max 4 decimal places
Troy ounces to ounces conversion table
Troy Ounces Ounces Troy Ounces Ounces
1 troy oz 1.0971 oz 10 troy oz 10.9714 oz
2 troy oz 2.1943 oz 20 troy oz 21.9429 oz
3 troy oz 3.2914 oz 30 troy oz 32.9143 oz
4 troy oz 4.3886 oz 40 troy oz 43.8857 oz
5 troy oz 5.4857 oz 50 troy oz 54.8572 oz
6 troy oz 6.5829 oz 60 troy oz 65.8286 oz
7 troy oz 7.68 oz 70 troy oz 76.8 oz
8 troy oz 8.7771 oz 80 troy oz 87.7715 oz
9 troy oz 9.8743 oz 90 troy oz 98.7429 oz
10 troy oz 10.9714 oz 100 troy oz 109.7143 oz
Note: conversions are rounded to max 4 decimal places

For more conversions using mass and weight units, please see the mass and weight converter. You can also convert between grams, pounds and ounces here. If you're interested in converting between pounds and ounces, or want to learn about the difference between the avoirdupois ounce and troy ounce, see our ounces to pounds converter.

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