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Date and Time Calculators

The date and time section of The Calculator Site containing a collection of useful calculators for date and time functions.

Age Difference Calculator

Calculate the age gap in years, months and days between two people.

Days and Time Between Dates

Calculate the exact number of hours, days and months between two dates, using this calculator. Find out how old you are in days.

Date Calculator

Use these calculators to add minutes, hours, days, months, and years on to a specific date or do a countdown to a specific date.

Days From Today Calculator

Calculate what the date will be after a number of days of your choosing, with results given in multiple day month and year formats.

How Many Days Until?

Use this calculator to find out the number of days there are until a specific date of your choice.

What Generation am I?

Discover what generation you were born into with our interactive Generation Calculator.

Comments and Suggestions?

Please feel free to contact us with your comments on our calculators.