How Many Cups In a Quart?

Question asked by Carys:

Hello. I've been looking for information on converting quarts to cups for my Mom's recipe. I noticed you previously answered a question about converting cups to ounces. However, you don't appear to mention how to convert between quarts and cups. Can you help, please?

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Converting From Quarts To Cups

posted by Alastair:

Hi Carys. When it comes to converting quarts to cups, there are three cup sizes you need to be aware of:

  1. US cups (236.588mL)
  2. Imperial cups (used in pre-1970s UK recipes) (284.131mL)
  3. Metric cups (used in UK and in Commonwealth countries) (250mL)

What is a quart?

A fluid quart is a unit of liquid volume and is equal to a quarter gallon or two pints. There are two different measurements of the fluid quart: the US fluid quart and the UK imperial quart. The US quart (946.35mL) is smaller than the UK quart (1136.52mL). That said, if you're using kitchen measurements from the same country, conversions are straight forward:

US quarts to cups

  • 1 Quart (US, fluid) = 4 Cups (US)
  • 1 Quart (Dry, US) = 4.6546 Cups (US)

UK quarts to cups

  • 1 Quart (UK, fluid) = 4 Cups (UK, imperial)

The above conversions should help 95% of people. It's worth noting that an issue may arise if you mix up the different cup sizes. For example, the UK rarely (since the 1970s) references UK imperial cups in recipes and often adopts the metric cup, which is used in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the rest of the Commonwealth. The metric cup is smaller (250mL) than the imperial cup (284.131 mL). Therefore, these additional conversions for quarts to cups may apply if you're using a metric cup:

If using the metric cup

  • 1 US Quart (fluid) = 3.78541 metric cups
  • 1 UK Quart = 4.546 metric cups

How many cups there are in a quart and a half?

Some simple mathematics will solve this one. Using the conversion factors above, we simply multiply the number of cups by 1.5. So, let's say you're using a standard US cup, you simply multiply 4 x 1.5 which gives you 6 cups in a quart and a half.

Quarts to cups conversion table

I've included a reference table of conversions to help you see how many cups there are in a quart. This chart assumes you're either using the US fluid quart and cup or the UK quart and imperial cup.

For assistance with converting between other variants of the quart and cup, or to convert a specific number of quarts not shown in this chart, please give the quarts and cups converter a try.

Quarts (fluid) Cups Quarts (fluid) Cups
1 4 21 84
2 8 22 88
3 12 23 92
4 16 24 96
5 20 25 100
6 24 26 104
7 28 27 108
8 32 28 112
9 36 29 116
10 40 30 120
11 44 31 124
12 48 32 128
13 52 33 132
14 56 34 136
15 60 35 140
16 64 36 144
17 68 37 148
18 72 38 152
19 76 39 156
20 80 40 160

If you would like some more help with converting between quarts and cups, give our quarts and cups converter a try.

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