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Newton-Meters to Inch Pounds

Convert between energy/torque units of newton-meters (Nm) and inch-pounds (in-lb) using this conversion tool.

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How to convert newton-meters to inch-pounds

One newton-meter is equal to 8.8507457676 inch pounds. To convert inch-pounds to newton-meters, divide your figure by 8.8507457676.

As a simple example, if you wish to convert 5 newton-meters into inch pounds, you should multiply 5 by 8.8507457676 to give you a total of 44.253728838 inch pounds (or 44.254 rounded to 3 decimal places).

Newton-meters to inch-pounds conversions

Nm in-lb Nm in-lb Nm in-lb
18.851 1088.507 100885.075
217.701 20177.015 2001,770.149
326.552 30265.522 3002,655.224
435.403 40354.030 4003,540.298
544.254 50442.537 5004,425.373
653.104 60531.045 6005,310.447
761.955 70619.552 7006,195.522
870.806 80708.060 8007,080.597
979.657 90796.567 9007,965.671
10008,850.75 500044,253.73 1000088,507.46

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