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Construction Calculators

The construction section of The Calculator Site containing a collection of useful calculators for construction, home improvement or gardening projects.

Cubic Feet Calculator

Calculate the volume or capacity of an object or space using dimension measurements in either feet, inches or a combination of both.

Cubic Meters Calculator

Calculate the CBM volume of a space or capacity of an object in cubic meters/metres from units in cm, m, feet and inches.

Cubic Yards Calculator

Work out the cubic yardage of an area for materials such as concrete, sand, asphalt, compost, mulch or topsoil.

Cubic Yards to Tons

Convert from cubic yards to tons for materials including concrete, dirt, sand, topsoil, gravel and more.

Mulch Calculator

Use this calculator to work out the amount of mulch you might require to cover an area of ground at a specified depth. Gives results in cubic yards, cubic feet and cubic m, plus mulch bag sizes.

Gravel Calculator

Estimate the amount of gravel or aggregate you might require for your driveway, path or other construction project

Square Footage Calculator

Use the square footage calculator tool to work out an area of square feet for flooring, landscaping, carpets, tiling and more.

Square Feet and Acres

Convert square feet to acres and acres to square feet using this land area conversion tool.

Square Feet to Cubic Feet

Calculate how many cubic feet there are for an area of square feet.

Square Feet to Cubic Yards

Calculate how many cubic yards there are for an area of square feet.

Square Meters to Square Feet

Convert between square meters, square feet, meters and feet using this converter tool.