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The formula for BMR

How to calculate your BMR

You’ve almost certainly heard of your BMI, the figure representing the relationship between your height and weight, but have you heard of your BMR? These three little letters could provide the information you need to kick-start a successful weight-loss regime (and sorry, but no: they do not stand fo...

Girl holding calculator with decimal displayed on

How to convert a decimal to a fraction

Some decimals are so familiar to us that we can instantly see them as fractions: if your sister is 14.5 years old, you know that she’s 14 1/2; if you buy a bag of potatoes weighing 0.75kg, you know that it’s 3/4 of a kilo; if you give your sister a 3/4 kilo bag of potatoes for her 18th birthday, you...

graph showing investment growth rate

What is compound annual growth rate (CAGR)?

To coincide with the launch of my CAGR calculator, Robert George takes a look at what CAGR is and how it is calculated.Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is a business and investment term that is used to refer to the mean annual growth rate of an investment over a certain period of time, usuall...

BMI formula on paper, with calculator

BMI formula - how to calculate BMI

Body mass index is a measure of body fat and is commonly used within the health industry to determine whether your weight is healthy. BMI applies to both adult men and women and is the calculation of body weight in relation to height. This article delves into the BMI formula and shows you how to cal...

Two men measuring a floor

How to measure for a new floor

When it's time to get new flooring fitted, excitement can sometimes be mixed with dread. Daunting prospects include moving all the furniture out (and thereby discovering exactly what’s been lurking behind the couch for 10 years), but before even that, there is the measuring up to do...

How to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions
While some people might be breathing deeply into a paper bag at the thought of calculating with fractions, if you understand each step and why it's necessary, it can become a piece of cake. Or 1/6 of a cake, if you like. Something to remember: Whether you're adding, subtracting, multiplying or divid...

How to calculate cubic feet
It's not an everyday problem, but there will be times when you need to calculate the capacity of something. Instead of staring blankly into the trunk of your car, getting a tension headache trying to find the biggest bathtub, or weeping when confronted by the decision over buying a new fridge-freeze...

Should you pay in local currency or home currency when abroad?
Travelling abroad can be many things (relaxing / hilarious / romantic / messy / traumatic / The Absolute Worst - delete based on stage of life and number of family members accompanying), but rarely can it ever be described as cheap. Last time you went on vay-cay, you spent a week eating and drinking...

Is a kilobyte 1,000 or 1,024 bytes?
To coincide with the launch of my data storage converters and data transfer rate converters I thought we'd take a look at the subject of kilobyte size in today's article. Here's Ron Bright to explain...Most of us are familiar with the meaning of the prefix "kilo" in reference to mea...

The gambler's fallacy - explained
As we saw in our article on the basics of calculating chance and the laws of probability, there is a naive and logically incorrect notion that a sequence of past outcomes shapes the probability of future outcomes.Essentially, The Gambler's Fallacy is the misconception tha...

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The history of the calculator

Photo of abacus

From abacus to iPad, learn how the calculator came about and developed through the ages. Read our featured article.