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tape measure

How to calculate cubic feet

Itís not an everyday problem, but there will be times when you need to calculate the capacity of something. Instead of staring blankly into the trunk of your car, getting a tension headache trying to find the biggest bathtub, or weeping when confronted by the decision over buying a new fridge-freeze...

Customer making a credit card payment

Should you pay in local currency or home currency when abroad?

Travelling abroad can be many things (relaxing / hilarious / romantic / messy / traumatic / The Absolute Worst - delete based on stage of life and number of family members accompanying), but rarely can it ever be described as cheap. Last time you went on vay-cay, you spent a week eating and drinking...

Digital storage illustration

Is a kilobyte 1,000 or 1,024 bytes?

To coincide with the launch of my data storage converters and data transfer rate converters I thought we'd take a look at the subject of kilobyte size in today's article. Here's Ron Bright to explain...Most of us are familiar with the meaning of the prefix "kilo" in reference to mea...

Man stacking coins demonstrating compounding

Compound interest formula - explained

An in-depth look at the compound interest formula as we break down how to calculate compound interest. The concept of compound interest is that interest is added back to the principal sum so that interest is earned on that added interest during the next compounding period.

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