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A set of kitchen measuring scales - photo
A guide to kitchen weights and measures
Category: units

Whenever working with a recipe, there’s always an uneasy tension between precision and usability. The measures that are reasonably accessible (spoons, cups, etc.) are easy to use but give rise to uneasy doubts as to whether one is really using the right amount of the ingredient... read more

A set of metric and imperial weighing skills - photo
A brief history of the metric measurement system
Category: units

The world of weights and measures can seem to some people like a long lost foreign language - impossible to understand and equally impossible to learn. Take the height of a horse: the standard unit of measure is the hand. But how did we get to this point and what exactly is a hand? Is the measur... read more

Land, commonly measured in acres - photo
How big is an acre?
Category: units

Today we're going to look at the acre - a unit of area commonly used for measuring tracts of land. Perhaps you're considering purchasing a new property attached to several acres of land and you're wondering how big it is? Or maybe you're studying for an exam and want to know how to... read more

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