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The chance square on a games board - photo
Calculating chance - the rules of probability
Category: units

Calculating chance or working out probabilities can be remarkable simple - or extremely complicated. Much depends on what kind of probabilities you are trying to work out: dependent or independent. Dependent probabilities deal with events that affect subsequent events, for example drawing d... read more

The abacus - photo
The history of the calculator
Category: units

If you need an illustration of the accelerating speed of technological change, look no further than the electronic calculator, that modest little device that does the most complex sum instantly and that you hold in the palm of your hand. Or more likely don’t any more… for the pocket calcul... read more

wealth stone - photo
What are the world's richest economies?
Category: finance

We live in world that sits on top of an ever shifting sea of money: economies rise and fall and with them follow the fortunes of entire nations. Empires and great nations are built with more than just blood and sweat - they need money and a lot of it... read more

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