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James Whittington

Financial Content Reviewer Photo of James Whittington

James Whittington is a highly qualified Independent Financial Adviser, working with Frazer James Financial Planners.

After graduating from Cambridge University, James embarked on a career in finance, starting off in investment banking before spending more than a decade working for well-known insurance companies, covering investment management and risk management.

As time went on, James found himself becoming more and more interested in the world of financial advice. He spent his evenings and weekends self-studying for the financial planning exams, winning numerous awards along the way. He holds an alphabet of designations, including FPFS, APFS, DipPFS, Cert SMP, Certs CII (MP & ER), ACII and is a Chartered Insurance Risk Manager. After taking a break to travel the world he started his career in financial planning and advice.

Frazer James is an award-winning firm that is looking to drive and improve industry standards, whilst providing innovative financial life planning advice, to a range of different clients.

In his spare time, James runs the Penny Radio podcast, which helps everyday people make smarter decisions with their money.

James helps review financial tools and articles for The Calculator Site.