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Useful Links

Math Links

Computing Technology for Math Excellence is devoted to the standards movement and integrating technology into teaching and learning and into K-12 mathematics and calculus. Find specific resources for the Common Core math standards, project-based learning, standardized testing, virtual manipulatives, technology integration, software, math apps and sites for basic skills, problem solving, homework assistance, games/simulations, multimedia development, web design, math initiatives, math methodology, professional development, research, and news, including No Child Left Behind, the Every Student Succeeds Act, and the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Accessibility resources are included.

Finance Links

CardRates.com was created to better educate consumers about the benefits and perils of credit cards through valuable, well-researched advice, news, and reviews.

Money Bags Full
A cool money blog featuring money pictures, articles and videos.

Mortgage Payment Protection
Compare quotes from the UK's leading insurance providers, instant quotes and advice for Buildings and Contents Insurance, Landlords Insurance and Buy to Let Insurance, from our experienced team of advisors. Home Shield Insurance.

Other General Links

Cool Stuff
Featuring cool pictures, videos, websitesand stories from around the world.

Blog Directory
A useful directory of blogs

Business eGuides
Each Business eGuide is a How To road map, coaching you in a specific business skill vital to your success, written by successful business experts with lifetimes of hands on experience.

Site Ranking
Travel, insurance, business, finance directory.

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