How Many Ounces In a Cup?

Question asked by George:

Hi. I'm cooking an old family recipe and it's quoting ingredients in cups. Rather than going through my cupboard to find an appropriate looking cup size, can you please tell me how to convert cups to ounces?

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Converting From Cups To Ounces

posted by Alastair:

Hi George. As with Kelly's similar question about converting between gallons and ounces, the answer very much depends on where in the world you are. We've discussed the craziness of cup sizes in our article about cups and tablespoons, should you wish to have a quick read. In summary, if you have a recipe featuring measurements in cups then it's likely to be one of two things:

  1. A US recipe (using the US customary cup)
  2. An old (pre-1970s) UK recipe (using the imperial cup)

If it's a recipe from anywhere else in the world, or a more recent UK recipe, then it'll likely be referencing the international metric cup. And then there's the ounce, which comes as a dry ounce or fluid ounce. For this discussion, we'll focus on the fluid ounce. Should you wish to convert using the dry ounce then give our cups to ounces converter a try.

The fluid ounce has two different measurements - there's the US fluid ounce and the UK fluid ounce. It can get complicated, especially if you're using a US recipe and based in the UK, or vice-versa. But, fear not, for I will break it down for you. Let's look at the conversions of each:

US recipes - cups to ounces

  • 1 US cup (236.59mL) = 8 US fluid ounces
  • 1 US cup (236.59mL) = 8.327 UK fluid ounces

Old UK recipes - cups to ounces

  • 1 UK cup (284.13mL) = 10 UK fluid ounces
  • 1 UK cup (284.13mL) = 9.607 US fluid ounces

Rest of world recipes

  • 1 international metric cup (250mL) = 8.454 US fluid ounces
  • 1 international metric cup (250mL) = 8.799 UK fluid ounces

Cups to ounces conversion table

I've included two quick reference tables of conversions to help you see how many fluid ounces there are in a cup. The first uses the standard US customary cup (236.59mL) and the second uses the UK imperial cup (284.13mL).

For help with converting a specific number of cups to standard ounces (oz) for dry ingredients, or liquids for fluid ounces, give our cups to ounces converter a try.

Cups (US) Ounces (US) Ounces (UK)
1 8 8.327
2 16 16.653
3 24 24.98
4 32 33.307
5 40 41.634
6 48 49.96
7 56 58.287
8 64 66.614
9 72 74.941
10 80 83.267
Cups (UK) Ounces (UK) Ounces (US)
1 10 9.608
2 20 19.215
3 30 28.823
4 40 38.43
5 50 48.038
6 60 57.646
7 70 67.253
8 80 76.861
9 90 86.468
10 100 96.076

As you can see, it can make quite a lot of difference when it comes to which cup is referenced in your recipe and which fluid ounce you convert it into.

Should you wish to learn how to convert between cups and grams, see our article here.

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