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Convert From mmHg To atm

Question asked by Tracy:

I would like to know how to convert between units of mmHg and atm (millimeters of mercury and atmospheres). Can you assist, please?

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Converting From mmHg To atm

posted by Graham:

Millimeter of mercury (mmHg) and atmosphere (atm) are both units of pressure. The mmHg unit is used mainly in the fields of medicine (commonly for measuring blood pressure), meteorology and aviation. The atmosphere (atm) unit is commonly used for referencing the average atmospheric pressure at sea level.

One millimeter of mercury is equal to 0.0013157896611399 atmospheres. This means that to convert mmHg to atm you should multiply your figure by 0.0013157896611399.

If you would like help with converting between mmHg and atm, give our mmHg and atm converter a try.

atm = mmHg × 0.0013157896611399

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