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How to Convert Cents to Square Metres and Square Feet

Question asked by Sam:

Can you please advise how to convert cents (an old British measurement for area, used in India) to square metres and square feet?

Follow-up responses...

Cent conversions

posted by Alastair:

I've listed some of the more popular cent conversions for you below.

Converting cents to square feet

To convert cents to square feet, multiply your cent figure by 435.6. If you don't want to do this manually, give our cents and square feet converter a try.

Converting cents to square metres

If you wish to convert cents to square metres, multiply your cent figure by 40.4686. If you don't want to do this manually, use our cents and square metres converter.

Converting cents to acres

There are 100 cents in an acre. To convert cents to acres, multiply your cents figure by 0.01. If you want some assistance with converting between the two, use our cents and acres converter.

Converting metres to cents

Should you wish to convert metres (not square metres) to cents, an extra process needs to happen. Metres are a unit of length, cents are a unit of area. To convert across:

  1. Multiply your metre figures (length, width, depth) together to get a square metres figure (m2).
  2. Convert to cents by multiplying your figure by 0.02471054

For all other area conversions involving cents, try the area converter.

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