Converting kb or pounds to stone

Question asked by nini:

When converting kg to stone or pounds to stone. There are 14 pound in a stone but when you take off 1 pound off a stone it calculates as .9 rather than .11 eg 12 stone is 182 pound but 167 pound should be 11 stone 13 pounds but calculates as a decimal at 11.9 This nearly threw me off my diet !!!

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Me Too!

posted by sue newby:

I know, me too. I am desperately trying to get below one of my stone targets. I calculated myself at 153 as being 10.9something, but actually I am 10 13lb. it was a bit depressing when I realised the calculator is lying.. I dont understand how the calculation works! If you do it manually its correct, but not on the calculator! 4lbs different!!!!!