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What Do Ug And Mcg Mean?

Question asked by Sharon:

What does the measurement ug stand for and is it different to mcg?

Follow-up responses...

ug means the same as mcg

posted by Alastair:

Hi Sharon,

ug and mcg are both symbols for 'micrograms'. The correct symbol for microgram is actually µg. However, there is no easy way of typing that on a keyboard, so they came up with other versions, two of which are ug and mcg.

If you wish to convert micrograms (ug or mcg) to milligrams, you can use this mcg and mg converter.



posted by Debbie Clark:

There is a way to type that u in ug correctly. Press your ALT key, keep it down and key in 0181 from your number pad and it makes µ.