New Time Converters Needed!

Question asked by Thomas V. Hartnett II:

I would like to see two new time converters installed:
1) Add "score" to the list. We have all heard of the famous quote, "Four scores and seven years ago..." What's a score? Is it so many years, or what?
2) I work in video production and it's really handy to use a video timecode calculator to convert hours:minutes:seconds.frames (hh:mm:ss.f) to real run-time values in hours:minutes:seconds. Beware that there are different frame rates like 24 fps, 30 fps (drop & non-drop), and 60 fps. Even the video format difference between PAL and NTSC would produce different results.
Thanks for your consideration.

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New Time Converters Needed

posted by Mick:

A score is twenty (20) years hence your 4 score and seven years = 87 !!! easy init?