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Mw To Kwh

Question asked by Rhonda:

How do I convert megawatts to kwh? Is there a conversion formula for this?

Follow-up responses...

KWh And MW

posted by Michael:

kW h (Kilowatt Hour) is a unit of ENERGY, which means energy used in an hour. MW (megawatt) is a unit of POWER, which is energy per unit of time.
  • A unit for kW h is kilo joules.
  • A unit for kW is kilo joules/sec.
To convert between these 2 different units, you therefore need to have an extra dimension (time).

The Missing Link

posted by Psudo:

If you're looking to convert from kWh to MW or visa-versa, the confusing bit is that you are assuming average or consistent energy consumption over time. You have to make that assumption explicit before the formula makes any sense.

1 MW * 1 h = 1,000 kWh
1,000 kWh/yr = 114.077116 W