Conversion Of Cft To Square Cubic Metres

Question asked by julie:

Hi, please can anyone tell me what 80cft is in square cubic metres?

Thank you.

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Re: Conversion Question

posted by Manfred Wienberg:

Hi Julie,

there is no unit of measure like 'square cubic metres', ony square meters or cubic meters. Since you you specify 80 cft, this volume only can be converted into cubic metres, and the answer is 2.26534772736 cubic metres. (1 cubic meter equals 35.3146667215 cft (rounded) or 1 cft = 0.028316846592 cubic meters (precise), so you get the most precise result, if you multiply 80 times 0.028316846592).

Manfred (from Hamburg, Germany)

Cubic Meters

posted by Derek Hayday:

I need to know what
9ft X 5ft X 4 ft is in cubic meters for shipping items abroad.

Many Thanks.


Cft Convert Into Sq.meter

posted by manoj:

i wanted to know 80 cft means how much square meter