Calculating Weight Of Plastic Parts

Question asked by Charles Graves:

I am trying to find the proper way to convert mass property information taken from 3d CAD models of plastic parts and generate the wieght of the part. I can easily get the mass of the model (in grams) and the volume of the model in cubic millimeters. I am looking for formula(s) to take this info and convert it into the part weight in grams. I do have available to me the specific gravity of various types of plastic material and I believe that this will have to be a part of that formula.

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posted by Rick:

first, your 3d cad program should let you set the property values and automatically calculate the part weight.

If not, here is the formula I use:

volume in cc3 / 16.287 (constant) X specific gravity of material (constant) X .0361 (constant) X 454 (constant to convert to grams)

This will give you weight in grams.


posted by G.J.AVHAD:

Plz give us with example.

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posted by Harper Zarker:

I have a question on the formulation for converting 5.44 in^3 to oz

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posted by Prabhakar Aswar:

How to calculate the weight of plastic parts theoritically from drawing of parts.

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posted by Prabhakar Aswar:

Can we use Mold Steel D3 instead of hot Die Steel for Al Die Casting Mold Inserts in Mold Design? What will be Total Cost Impact! Decrease or Increase.
Plz Address.

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posted by Adil Saleem:

Can any body tell me that if i made 1 plastis product in material PP injection and then the same product in HDPE injection so what will be the weight Difference

Therotical Weight Of Plastic Compo.

posted by ganesh wagh:

How to calculate the weight of plastic parts theoritically from drawing of parts.of various plastic material like pp,minlon,abs.etc

Calculate Plastic Part Weight

posted by David Hodge:

cu. in. x specific gravity x .0361= wt. in lbs. x 454=grams / 28.35= oz.

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posted by avinash:

ples tell me how to calculate a weight of plastic part & i have sample of plastic part & their drwings so how to calculate a weight of these part

Alloable Wastage

posted by donya:

i would like to find the relation between the allowable wastage of injected plastic fragments and the fragments dimensions , fragment weights and fragments shape.
for example a smaller fragment is less possible to brake when transferring than a big one.
although a fragment which has a complex shape is more possible to brake than a simple shaped fragment when transferring.
I thought there might be a formula or a table which can tell me the universal standards for this .
thank you very much