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When you hear the word, "iPad" what springs to mind? An awesome multi-media device? A place where you can download games and apps to your heart\'s content? Or does it conjure up images of a tool that can be used to save you money?

If you didn\'t choose the latter option then you probably don\'t know about any of these fantastic financial apps that are available for the iPad:

1. HomeBudget

If you could ever call any of the app store offerings \'old school\' then HomeBudget would be a perfect candidate.

Originally designed for the U.S market, the app now lets you modify the currency settings to reflect your needs.

What Does HomeBudget Do?

At its most basic, it\'s a calculator. All you need to do is enter your monthly salary details along with all your outgoings. The app then generates a pretty display showing the overall health of your finances.

If you want a bit more intelligence on your money\'s health you can use the recurring bills and income features to map future projections. This allows you to \'see\' how much money you can expect to save based on a given set of figures for your income and outgoings.

One really cool feature is the synchronisation tool - transfer the data to compatible devices at the touch of the screen.

How Much Does HomeBudget Cost

The basic version, which is more than adequate for home budget planning, is free (synch version costs $2.99).

2. Account Tracker

It\'s fair to say that most apps in the iTunes store don\'t have a 100% 5 star rating. Account Tracker is one budgeting app that breaks the mould.

This is another app that originally launched in the U.S market but has made the leap into the global marketplace.

What Does Account Tracker Do?

Quite simply, Account Tracker is one of the best tools available. Like HomeBudget, it breezes through the mundane tasks of day to day money management. However, there\'s more to it. The app has the usual expense management and tracking features but the developers have added a massive range of additional tools and functionality.

Forward planning up to 2 years into the future is one feature that I found invaluable as were the alerts for being near to or overdrawn on your account.

How Does Account Tracker Cost?

Like HomeBudget, this tool is free to download. There\'s also a paid version that has a few additional features that will be of interest to serious budgeters.

3. GroceryIQ

GroceryIQ is a fairly new tool that was built as solution with a very specific task in mind.

What Does GroceryIQ Do?

As you\'ve probably guessed, this app was made for tracking your grocery bills. You could use one of the first two tools mentioned above but GroceryIQ blows them away in key areas. Shopping lists can be created at and then downloaded to compatible devices that contain the installed app. By tracking and labelling the items you tick off your shopping list, the app can ensure that purchases aren\'t duplicated.

On top of this, the app also lets you assign a budget to your grocery bill which counts down each time you add another item to you basket (via the bar code scanner).

How Does GroceryIQ Cost?

This one really is free. There\'s no paid upgrade option so what you see is what you get.

4. Easy Books

Keeping your tax records up to date can be a real nightmare; one that Easy Books goes a long way towards solving.

What Easy Books Do?

Quite simply, it\'s a bookkeeping app. There\'s nothing new in this idea but Easy Books does remove one major headache: complexity. There are a number of other applications that have the same features but are a pain to use. Admittedly, when you compare Easy Books to likes of Sage you will find it\'s pretty basic. That said, handy features such as invoicing, recording of transactions and time-tracking make this a cheap and handy alternative for traders and small businesses.

In addition to the standard features, there\'s also a secure online synchronisation tool but this is a subscription service provided by the developers.

How Does Easy Books Cost?

It varies. The basic component is free. Add-ins will cost between $7.99 and $29.99.

5. Kayak

Saving money is all well and good but what if you want to have some fun? Savvy tourists have been using Kayak to make huge savings on their annual vacations.

What Kayak Do?

Surprisingly, it doesn\'t actually offer you much more functionality than you\'d get by visiting the website. That\'s the beauty of this app. When all\'s said and done, the last thing you want to do is have to learn to navigate a new interface - you just want to find the best deals. They Kayak app does exactly that.

As there are no additional features that we can rave over I\'ll sign off with this one observation: the Kayak app has a beautiful interface has to be seen to be appreciated.

How Does kayak Cost?

It\'s free. Kayak makes their money from referrals so the app development isn\'t reliant on the money it makes.

Written by James Redden

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Last update: 28 December 2012

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