Cent Converter

Question asked by Sam Zacharia:

Please advise how to convert cent (old british calculation on area applied in India) to meter square.

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posted by Mamta Rani:

i want to convert cent to INR

Cents To Square Foot/meters

posted by Vijay:

Conversion of cents into square foot or square meters.

As I know , it is around 440 sq. ft equals one Cent. Is that correct?

Cent To Sq Ft Please Check Your Reply

posted by Jemis:

Mr. Vijay
Please note that : one cent is equal to 435.5 sq.ft
As well as you can find or convert area with any measure by clicking this below Link.
I hope this link will help you.
By jemis
But actually she(mamta Rani) wants to convert currency not Area please make sure that.

Area Converstion

posted by Gopalakrishnan:

Kindly let me know in an Acre how may cent are there?

Want A INR Value

posted by priya:

total land area is 4 acres ,

12 Lakhs per cent

What is the INR value

Area Conversion

posted by Gayathri:

Mr. Gopalakrishnan,

100 cents is equal to 1 acre

Want A INR Value

posted by Gayathri:

Hai Priya

1 cent = 12 lakhs
100 cents = 1 acre = 120000000 INR
400 cents = 4 acres = 480000000 INR

Tips For Conversion

posted by Ram Kishore:

How to Convert Metres in a measuring tape into Cent?

Please Convert The Area To Cent

posted by SAI:

width - 2.5mtr; length-12.7mtr;opposite side width-1.27mtr

Please, tell me the cent.



Square Meter To Cent

posted by P.A.Jaya:

Dear sir,

I want to know how many square meter is equal to one cent?

Cent To Sq. Ft Convertion

posted by Selva:

Relation Btw Cent, Sq. Meter and Ft

Land One Cent - How many Metre?

posted by Saeedha:

I have 26 cent land, total. How many metre will come?

Cent To Acre Conversion

posted by sujita:

please tell me how many cents make 1 acre or 1 gunta

Cent Conversion


How many meter is one cent?


posted by Engineer:

Dear Mr. Murali,
Meter is unit for length and cent is unit of area. They are not interchangable!

Cent Conversion

posted by SHAHBAN:

1 cent = how many meteres sq?

Cent To Sq.M

posted by KeYar:

1 cent = 435.5 ft
435.5 ft = 40.4592 m

Convert 1cent To Square Metre

posted by Tijo Aprem Thomas:

one cent how much square metre

Area Conversion

posted by Gangadharan:

To convert Sq.ft to SQ. mtrs multiply by .0929
To convert Sq.mtrs to Sq.ft Multiply by 10.7639

1 Cent In INR.

posted by Mahesh:

Hello, You can search for converting cent into INR. Search this on "1 cent in INR".

Area Conversion

posted by sathesh:

i want to know 1 cent is equal to how many sq metre?


posted by vinod:

Just tell me the calculation of an area of 100 metre length and 30 meter width to convert into cent?

Re: Conversion

posted by Einstein:

Hi Vinod,
Your area is 100m X 30m = 3000 sq m.
3000 sq m is 74.1488 cents.
So your area is really 74.15 cents.

Area Conversion

posted by fredy:

i have a plot which is 10.85 metre width and lenght is 20.65. how many cent is this plot? pls reply me soon

Ans. For Mr. Fredy's Question

posted by Well Wisher:

10.85M x 20.65M = 224.0525 Sq.Meters

224.0525 / 40.48 = 5.53 cents


posted by ajith:

May i know the equation of converting cent into square feet and square feet into cent.

Area Conversion

posted by Madu:

I have a plot which is 20 meter length and 20 meter width. how many cent is this plot? pls reply me , Regards

Hi Gayathiri

posted by gopalgiri:

133 cent 1 acre
1 acre 43,560 sqft
2.5 acres 1 hectre

Cent To Inr

posted by NANCY:

can you plz tell me .06 cent to INR


Area Conversion

posted by semi:

20 m x 20 m = 400 sq meter
1 cent = 40.48 sq meter
400 / 40.48 = 9.88 cent

Cent To Sqft

posted by suku:

1 cent = 1/100th of an acre
1 acre = 43,560 square feet

Therefore 1 cent will be
43560/100 = 435.6Sqft

Cent To Acre

posted by Prabhakar Naik:

1oo cents = 1 acre
1 acre = 4046.86 sqm
1 sqm = 10.7639 sft
1 sft = .0929 sqm

Hi Jemis,

posted by Parthi:

Thanks Jemis, That internet converter is very useful for me and its very simple.


Sq.m To Cent

posted by Junaid:

Aprox. 0.60 cent

Unit Conversion

posted by D.Visuvasam:

In one the doucmets it is mentioned as 0.0232.No unit is mentioned. The size of the Plot is approx. 2400 sq ft. What is the unit and how to convert it into Sqft..

Cent S

posted by Mayil:

1 acre = 4840 square yards
=> 100 cents = 4840 square yards
=> 1 cent = 48.4 square yards
and 1 square yard = 9 square feet
=> 1 cent = 48.4 * 9 = 435.6 square feet.
there fore,
1 cent = 48.4 square yards
== 1 cent = 435.6 square feet ==

1 ground = 5.5 cent

1 ground = 2400 sq ft