What Is The Width And Height Of A4 Paper?

Question asked by Robert George:

I'm trying to create a design for an A4 poster in Photoshop. However, I'm not sure what the width and height of an A4 piece of paper are. Can someone help me please?

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A4 Paper Width And Height

posted by Alastair (Webmaster):

The width and height of an A4 piece of paper in centimeters is as follows:

21cm x 29.7cm.

Or, if you want that in inches:

8.27 inches x 11.69 inches.

Bear in mind that the height of the A4 paper can depend upon the weight of the paper.


No It Cant Lol

posted by niki:

the width / height is the size not thickness, your are completely wrong, aldong a4 sizes are done in mm, not inches or cm lol, jesus look up your info before your talk crap lol