Inches To Cubic Ft.

Question asked by Ron:

Hello. I'm trying to convert 36" into cubic feet? Can anyone help me? Thanks.

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Units Incompatible

posted by Jeffrey R Cohen:

Inches is a unit of LENGTH. Cubic feet is a unit of VOLUME. Because the units are incompatible, you cannot convert one into another. BUT if the problem is to convert 36 CUBIC inches into cubic feet, then the units are compatible because cubic inches IS a unit of volume. To compute the conversion ratio, first compute the number of cubic inches in a cubic foot: a cubic foot is equivalent to the volume of a cube with all sides equal to 12". The volume then is 12" X 12" X 12" = 1728 cu. in. Therefore to convert from cubic inches to cubic feet, divide the cubic inches by 1728. So to convert 36 cu. in. to cu. ft. take 36 divided by 1728 = 0.0208 cu. ft.

Cubic Feet of a Box

posted by Steve Houston:

I am trying to get the cubic feet of a box that measures 15 1/2" x 12 7/8" x 12 1/2"

Box In Cu Ft

posted by Linn Barringer:

Convert the fractions to decimal, giving 15.5 x 12.875 x 12.5 which equals 2494.5312 cubic inches. As Jeffrey R Cohen said, divide 2494.5312 by 1728 = 1.4435944 cubic feet.


posted by Lorraine Boyd:

I need to know cubic inches for a refrigerator. the dimensions I have are
72" H 33" W 24" L...what cubic foot refrigerator should i be looking for.

Fridge Feet

posted by Gloria:

I am trying to figure out what size fridge I have so that I can purchase another one at the right size. My fridge is 64" H x 28" W x 29" D = what cubic ft?????

Fridge Size

posted by Brad:

If I am not mistaken, when they tell you about the cubic size of the fridge they are talking about the inside volume, not the outside dimensions.

Cubic Feet Measurement

posted by sharon:

what size cubic feet microwave oven would i buy to fit in on a stand 17 inches wide?

Fridge Measurement

posted by Inches to cubic feet calc:

my fridge in inches iw - HT - 64", Width 31" , Depth - 25 "

need to know how to compute to cubic feet

Cu In Of Refridgerator

posted by Tracy:

68" tall 36"wide 27.5"deep
what is the cubic in of my refridgerator

Inchs In Cubic Feet

posted by chris:

how many inchs are in a cubic ft.
so if i have a washer machine that is 4 cubic foot and one that is 3.7 cubic foot what is the difference in inches . how much bigger is it.

Inches Into Cubic Feet

posted by Carmela:

I am trying to get the size of a refrigerator. The size measures 27"depth, 28"inches width, and 64 3/4" in height.

Cubic Feet

posted by Raw:

My refrigerator is 28 inches in width and 58 inches in height how do I convert inot cubic feet?

Wooden Log Cft

posted by john:

How can I calculate the cft of a wooden log?

Measurment For Microwave

posted by juliane daye:

You would get a 1.0 to a 1.5 cuft. microwave.

Inches To Cubic Feet

posted by juliane daye:

divide your inches by 12 and you will get your answer.

Cubic Feet

posted by ron c:

how many bags of pea gravel(.5 cubic foot)to fill an area of 40 feet x 2 feet x 2 inches deep

Consumption Of Wood In One Box

posted by Dilip Kumar:

Hi may any help me to find out how much wood consume in one box :
box size is L-119"X W-23.5"x H-40"
Flange sizes is w-3" x 1"thick and the flange are pinup after 4" gap.
So pl. give the consumption of wood .